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About Our Leader

Meet Pastor Lorenzo

Pastor Lorenzo C. Ewing, is from Missouri City, TX. With 11 partners, he organized Unity Christian Church on December 27, 2001 in East Houston. Soon the ministry relocated to Southwest Houston, and in early 2005, Unity Christian Church officially became known as The Fellowship of Love Church. The new name better reflects what they were about – loving God and people.  

Pastor Ewing’s passions includes, influencing young men and building stronger Christian families. He believes that “love unites us, unity empowers us.”  Love is the bond that unites a family, and the unity that results is what provides the physical and emotional foundation in the lives of Christian children and adults.

When Pastor Ewing is not spending time with God in prayer and devotion, he is often found with his lovely wife Kandice, two sons, Eden Samuel and Elias Lorenzo and daughter Elizabeth Loren.

Today, as the senior pastor of this growing and vibrant church, the mission of proclaiming, discipling, serving and loving is facilitating ventures within the Richmond/Katy area.  Through partnerships and relationships with the community, The Fellowship of Love Church stands as a beacon of light under this humble visionary of God!